Friday, July 14, 2006

The new compact: future trends

The future of the new compact
One blog entry is missing here: the one entitled “the new compact is dull”. Fortunately the future of this class of cars will see more emotional designs. Next generation of the Ford Focus will follow the “kinetic” theme established by the new Ford S-máx. The CGI presented below (by Schulte, see more from his work
here) is obviously based on the Iosis concept (as every future Ford CGI these days). Even if it will not look like that it will have much more emotional appeal than the current vehicle. Let’s face it the current (European) version is so dull that it can only improve!

Same thing for the Golf. The next iteration will have a much fresher look. The current Golf V is also a bit boring which explains part of its failure. However, although loosing the top spot in sales, one should not think of the Golf as the looser in this context. If you read carefully what was written in this blog about the new compact you will see that the Golf is as trend setting as the Focus. And in the future it will have very good chances of fighting the Focus, mainly in the more profitable niche versions. The next Golf SUV and Focus-derived CUV will be leveled, but the VW Eos will have much more success than the Focus CC (what an ugly thing!) and the Golf coupe version (Scirocco) will be a future icon while for now no Focus equivalent is expected.

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