Monday, July 17, 2006

Huckfeldt: your reliable source for future vehicle design

Huckfeldt is the most reliable source for getting information on how vehicles will look with one to two years in advance, in particular German cars. You can see in this page a comparative example of his art. Several of his photoshops can be seen in this link, frequently with a comparison with final real-life pictures. Usually the coincidence is remarkable, sometimes with more than two years of difference. How can he do it? He needs remarkable skills of “photoshopping” but also insider sources of information that can go beyond the general shape of the car, or family appearance and get down to detailing. That is why his photoshops are spot on and Autobild is frequently very accurate in technical details of future vehicles.

Seen below is a CGI of the next BMW M3, originally presented in 2005. And next to it, one of the most recent spy shots with just minimal disguise. Can you see the correlation? There is a word for this: reliability.

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