Thursday, March 29, 2007

2009 Seat Bolero...

... or maybe Toledo, the name is not 100% sure although highly probable. And it makes sense, because the 4-door saloon disappeared from Seat's catalogue being replaced by the pathetic thing that the Toledo currently is. A new name will signal a new car, different from the current Toledo in design and architecture because, surprise... the new Bolero will use the platform of the current Audi A4. This means longitudinal engines and optional torsen AWD. More, not only the platform is used but also the design is highly inspired in the A4 model with only changes in front and rear to respect current Seat design language. Incidentally, the Bolero name was already used in a concept car from 1998 that is a sort of 4-door coupe. Google for it and the reader will notice how beautifull that concept was and wonder with Seat did not build it!

So what about the picture below?... we had to illustrate this with something so don't worry it will look much better than that. The important news bit is that the new car is for real (that means approved by VW group management). It might also mean that VW group still cares about Seat... maybe they won't sell the brand to the Chinese after all. Oh dear, nasty rumour this last one!

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