Friday, March 09, 2007

The road to EV future: Subaru R1e

We were delighted to see the Subaru R1e in the list of novelties for Geneve auto show. Unfortunately Subaru was only displaying the car and hinting at a possible future commercialization. So nothing solid and official yet. This (or other small Subaru) are one of the best bets for a future large scale production of a proper electric car. Subaru says it’s testing a fleet of Li-ion R1e with Japan’s electric company.

There was some disappointment regarding the EV field on this year’s Geneve show. Not many new hybrid models or concepts and the biggest novelty, the Toyota Hybrid-X, is not only very ugly but also Toyota did not give many details about technical details. The only thing we know for sure is that Li-ion batteries are in the program for a 2008-2009 model and that the next Prius will be able to run for about 9 mile on electric-only mode. Nothing was confirmed about it having plug-in ability.

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Anonymous said...

To have a car with a 9 mile battery capacity and not be pluggable seems pointless/ridiculous. Anything to keep big oil's hands around our throats.