Friday, March 02, 2007

Peugeot 308 as seen by some crappy mobile phone

We love our cultural differences in Europe. Noticed how we never get this kind of scoops from German manufacturers?... because Germans don’t let folks walk around in their factories with mobile phones. But in the case of Skoda, manufactured in Tchek republic, we had a few weeks ago a major scoop with photos of a new car being published. And the PSA factory in Spain has been a major source of scoops, again with folks photographing and even getting videos with mobile phones of the Picasso. And what about Italians? Well the new Bravo had so many events of this kind that Fiat gave up and stopped bothering about hiding the car. The official presentation of the Bravo was a simple pro-forma since everyone knew how the car would look like.

Unfortunately people are still using crap mobile phones for this so the images you see below don’t do justice to the car design. It will look much better in catalogue photos (well, of course!) and believe me, it will look much much better in the streets!

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