Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Auto-future revisited: Infiniti in Europe

The ongoing Geneve Auto-Show marks the announcement of Infiniti's arrival in Europe. To celebrate this fact I would like to revisit a previous post, from June 2006, on this great arrival. You can check the post here.
After reading the whole thing (actually, it was a sum-up of several previous thoughts) the reader can now hopefully understand the significance of this arrival better. And understand the importance of getting news about the future of automobile here, in Auto-Future blog. And also remember on how I used to write a lot back then, not just the one or two paragraphs per post as in the latest months.

However, there is still one thing that will keep Infiniti a rare sight in european roads. No diesels! Infiniti needs a good diesel offer to succeed here. And please, Renault, don't be afraid to use 4-cylinder diesels like the excellent DCI 175hp. It would suit the beautifull kind-of-SUV-thing below just perfect.

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