Thursday, March 27, 2008

Future trends: Eco discounts

The European market is starting to present a new trend: to associate discounts to eco-value. This results from the manufacturers that are becoming interested in a "green" branding of their products (just notice the econetic, bluemotion, eco2... labels). But also because in several European countries the taxes applied to cars are now based on CO2 emissions wich favours lower pricing of more environmentally friendly vehicles. This trend is now starting in France, Spain and also in the UK due to the famous London congestion charge.

The example below is from a VW discount campaign in France. Being the king of mainstream discounts and regular promotions VW was very quick to adopt the new marketing strategies (and you can bet that the presented 3500€ discount can be further extended with adequate negotiation with the sales representative). Other brands are presenting similar campaigns that join together market-appealing promotions and image-boosting "eco" branding.

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