Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Auto-Future's Car of the Year 2008: Toyota IQ and also... the Star of Geneve Auto-Show

Yes, it's becoming a tradition: we don't expect until the end of the year to announce the most significant car of the year. Cuz we know the future. Yehaa baby, the future of automobile! So the Toyota IQ below is Auto-Future's Car of the Year. Because it's a very important car, an example of great downsizing, done with style, quality and several technical advances. For example, Toyota developed a new differential in order to achieve very small front overhangs in a FWD car. And worked on the packaging of the AC systems to make better use of space. In total, six innovations that made possible such a small car with a 3+1 seating configuration. But even better, it looks super cool, kind of an iPod of cars. Unlike the Smart that looks like a plastic toy car. Because it really is a kind of plastic toy car, unlike the IQ that promises a 5 star rating in EuroNCAP crash tests... I hope they deliver. On sale after the summer, the Toyota IQ is our car of the year!

And the star of Geneve Auto-Show is...
Actually, although being unveiled in Geneve the IQ was not the star of the show. In reality, the most talked about car in Geneve was available only for a few Very but really Very Important Persons to see. BMW was showing in a reserved VVIP area the new 7-series... and the reactions from people that saw the thing were great! There will be a new language at BMW, Bangle 2.0 is for real and will be spectacular!

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