Tuesday, April 07, 2009

2010 Audi RS3

It seems the Focus RS will have company soon in the exclusive uber-hatchback category. Audi is developing the RS version of the A3 model, using the engine from the TT-RS: a 5-cylinder turbo with about 340hp, maybe a bit less in the RS3. This is great news because 5-cylinder engines are ideal for these cars, bringing huge power, a formidable soundtrack, while not making nose-heavy cars as if V6 engines were used. Furthermore the RS3 should have a brilliant design: the current S3 is already a class act. I also would prefer the RS3 to the TT-RS because the TT is more suited for persons who like handbags…

The use of turbocharged 5-cylinder engines in the uber-hatchback class makes all the difference. But, although the RS3 will probably top the Focus RS in power, the Ford model will still retain a very special title: the best FWD car on the planet. This means the Audi RS3 will probably use the Haldex AWD system from the TT-RS.

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