Thursday, April 02, 2009

2010 Ford Focus III

Guess what, so much stuff on the Focus RS and now autoexpress presentes a new CGI and info about next generation Focus. Let's check what they say: "Meet the most desirable family car ever! This striking machine is about to rewrite the hatchback rulebook, with a stunning combination of head-turning looks, driver appeal and up-to-the-minute technology. Say hello to Ford’s next-generation Focus". Typical autoexpress nonsense.

The CGI also does not seem a Huckfeldt job, it's a very bad one, but raises one interesting point: will the Focus III keep the signature vertical tailights or will it adopt the horizontal design presented in the Iosis MAX concept? Could the horizontal theme be reserved for the next C-Max and the Focus keep vertical units? Maybe some reader knows... I think they should keep the vertical theme for several different reasons, but already wrote more than the usual on this story...


Igor said...

It is my understanding, there will be 3 Focus cars in MkIII (4 if you count CC)
1) Focus
2) 5 passenger C-Max (Iosis Max)
3) 7 passenger C-Max

As I hinted on above - we only know about the appearance of #2 - and this model will only be sold in Europe. The other two models - Focus and 7 passenger C-Max will be global.


David said...

Thank you for your comment. I don't remember any oficial source saying the 5 passenger C-Max would sell only in Europe... how do you know that info?

Do you know something about the rear lights of focus III: vertical or horizontal?