Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2011 Audi A6

The CGI below is the work of theophiluschin based on the Audi A7 sportback concept. It shows a possible interpretation of the next A6. Mind you, why not check his site for some cool photoshop jobs.

The interesting bits about the next A6 are technical and not yet fully confirmed. A source has hinted that the next A6 will have an evolution of the ASF (Aluminum Spaceframe) structure that is found in the A8 model. Other sources, namely mainstream magazines, speak of a steel structure as in the current A6 and A4 with the adoption of the MLP (Modular Longitudinal Platform). The MLP part is probably true but the aluminium structure also makes sense, in part because weight reduction is now an important trend in the auto industry. Furthermore my source is recent and is not yet fully tested, if you know what I mean… So I guess time will tell.

Other than that one can expect the usual range of parts shared with Seat and Skoda models, carefully hidden behind a modern exterior and an interior carefully designed to appear as quality in images. That ASF structure would be good to add a bit more credibility.

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