Monday, June 26, 2006

2008 Alfa Romeo 169

4-door coupe craziness… The first decade of this century will be known as when humans fell in love with 4-door coupes. The idea of occupants in the rear seats traveling with very few head space, difficult accessibility but loads of style seems to be gaining everyone’s hearts. And for now photoshop artists can’t stop massaging existing vehicle designs into stylish 4-door saloons with a strong profile resemblance to the Mercedes CLS. The one that started it all… Do you remember Mercedes slogan? “The future of automobile” They are right!

The 4-door coupe of the day is the next Alfa 169 that you can see below. The design looks spot on; let’s see if it eventually turns out like that. However, the interesting bits of this new car lie underneath… it is rumored to use the same platform of the future Maserati Quattropuorte, that features a longitudinal engine, RWD and a transaxle gearbox for good weight-distribution. This means state-of-the-art superior architecture and a credible alternative to Mercedes, BMW and Lexus saloons. Furthermore, V6 and V8 engines are in the program, although Alfa really needs to have a V6 diesel and even use its 2.4jtd to in order to get volume sales. Just a small detail: check the front overhang of the CGI. It’s too big isn’t it? The artist used an Alfa 159 (a FWD with a monstrous front overhang) for the basis of the design and forgot to change that. Of course, the real Alfa 169 will have a much smaller overhang thus reflecting the superiority of its RWD architecture.

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