Thursday, June 22, 2006

2010 Audi Q3

Audi took a lot of time before deciding to make SUV’s. Which is rather strange considering their expertise with AWD. But finally they did it and rather nicely in the shape of the beautiful Q7. And now it seems we will have plenty of Audi SUV’s: Q7, Q5 and Q3. German Auto-Bild magazine just recently published an article with information on the Q3 model and a couple of CGIs. The picture presented below is very similar to the CGI presented by Auto-Bild, although this particular image looks frightenly real…

Technically one can expect to find the uber engines of the A3 model range. These will be transversally mounted and hence the popular (in VW group) Haldex AWD system will be in use. It’s not a very good system but then, who cares? This machine is not really intended for great outdoor excursions and the quattro badge will provide adequate marketing credibility.

The most interesting feature of the design is that it will also have a 3-door version. And a gorgeous one by the way. Walter da Silva did a great job with the Audi corporate face. It fits very well in all kinds of models. The Q3 previewed below also points to some design features expected to be found in the next A3 model. Nothing extraordinary, just the usual refining and exquisite detailing added to a very successful model.


Dredd67 said...

It looks nice but I still have to find a use for this kind of car (SUVs), especially for small ones like the q3: no additional room for passengers, higher gaz consumption, more expensive than a sedan equivalent, no off-road ability,... Actually only the design may be a strong point for this kind of vehicles. Not enough for me regarding the price difference.

Anonymous said...

Je think kak mon ami Signor Pansa Pavarotte like it,You too!
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