Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fiat Stilo/Bravo 2007

Fiat should treat their employees better. For example, give them some nice cellphones with good 2MPx+ cameras. For now we will have to deal with this small resolution photos of some parts of the Stilo replacement that should be presented in September at Paris show. However, these are good enough to confirm some details that already surfaced in recent photoshop images. The new car is expected to be a big version of the Grande Punto. That is all fine but Fiat needs more. Fiat needs something spectacular.

The Stilo replacement is a very important model because Fiat has been for too much time a one-model brand. Most of the profit and sales of the company are originated in the Punto since all other models fail to success. And if the Punto fails (as happened with the previous generation) the company gets into serious finantial trouble. Thus, they need this new Stilo to have success. And I hope they can get it right.

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