Wednesday, June 28, 2006

2008 Audi A4

This will be an important model change for Audi. Because the A4 is a strong model in the range and also because the next A4 features some interesting (maybe even revolutionary) changes in the traditional Audi technical architecture.

But first let’s deal with design. Seen below are several recent CGIs organized in a rather clumsy collage. The most reliable interpretations are the middle ones, and as usual are originated from Huckfeldt work. The B8 Audi A4 will be a superb interpretation of Audi design language that will win everyone’s hearts. Some key changes will be observed in the design that are closely related to the technical revolution: shorter front overhang and longer wheelbase. Some of the CGI presented are not very attractive because these are based on the roadjet concept that was a bit bland. But have no fear: the Huckfeldt interpretation is the most reliable and the design of the finished car will be fabulous.

The interior design will follow the current more driver-oriented language. This was not particularly well accomplished in the A6 but evolved to magnificent levels in the new TT. The interior of the 2008 A4 will fit in the middle: not as sporty as the TT but more interesting than the A6 model. Check back in the next days for the technical discussion and the answer to the pertinent question: can Audi finally challenge the… you know!…


Dredd67 said...

Nice design. I hope that entry level engines will be as nice as the design. Those loud 1.9 and 2.0 TDI engines have good performances but are really not suitable for a car that has this aggressive look.
I heard about a new modular engine base to be able to easily exchange one engine to another, so I hope the whole engine range will be updated.

David said...

The new diesels will be of the common-rail type, thus much more silent and reliable. Current 2.7TDI and 3.0TDI are already common-rail.