Monday, June 05, 2006

Update on future European Ford models

A well known European Ford site has been receiving visits in its forum from people that claim to have seen several future Ford models in internal presentations. One has to handle such information with care since naturally their claims have not been confirmed yet. For now we have information that the next Mondeo will be a disappointment, except for the rear of the estate versions that will be the best-looking of the range. On the Focuc CUV (or SUV) it was described as being close to the Auto-Bild shop that you can see below, but better looking. Prospects for the next Fiesta are very good, it was described as " little similar to Fiat Grande Punto, but more stylish". However the next Ka model did not get so much appraisal. We llok forward for more information on these models and will update soon, hopefully with CGI of the next Fiesta.

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Alex said...

The CUV and Mondeo looks fantastic!