Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 Citroen streetlounge

... or whatever other name they will come up with. The car pictured below fits in a sub-segment that is widespreading, although cars in this class are generally not very successfull. We are talking of variants of Puntos/Corsas/Clios etc. that have monospace features in design and space. Cars like the Renault Modus; Fiat Idea; Skoda Roomster; Opel Meriva are based on smaller car platforms but are made with a higher roofline and seating position in order to increase space. This is generally well accomplished but unfortunately all of these cars look like crap, hence the lack of sales success.

It seems that the poor thing pictured below will follow the same path: more space and more uglyness. We could not care less about such things but actually the great success of the Ford S-max and C-max models exposed a savoir-faire of Ford in making great-looking monospace cars. We wonder if the future Ford B-max will have an improved design compared to other brand's approaches. For now this Citroen thing is just another forgetable also ran.

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