Monday, January 08, 2007

2008 VW Golf VI

There is a new article from German magazine AutoBild with lots of juice on the next Golf VI. The pictures present what looks like a major restyling of the current model. That's because the generation VI will indeed be only a heavily restyled Golf V, with emphasis on cost-cutting changes. A prediction of a new 1.6TDI brings novelty in the engine range this being , of course, a common-rail diesel.

Other than some politics the article presents explanations for the unusual short cycle life of the current model and why the new one will keep so much stuff from current one. Some of the explanations presented by AutoBild are incorrect: the Golf V is not not expensive and for sure it is not premium, at least in Europe. It certainly is more premium than a Kia but, unlike what happened with generation IV, it is now very far from the exclusive BMW 1-series/Mercedes sportcoupe league. We are not sure if a major restyling will be enough to revive the VW Golf. The game has moved on, maybe it's time for a new start?... For sure, the current Golf V will have a place in history but for the worst reasons: This is the Golf that failed!

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Anonymous said...

Why golf V failed? Not good sales or income results? Can you give me some explanation!