Monday, January 08, 2007

The road to EV future: Chevrolet Volt

Oh what a pity, it’s still only a concept. Auto-Future already mentioned this vehicle in a previous series-hybrid post. The concept car was finally presented in all its glory. It’s a series hybrid: fundamentally an electric car where the ICE only works as generator to charge the batteries when needed. Please Toyota, build it! LOL, just being mean!

Other than the great internals and technology, the Chevrolet Volt is also a great-looking car! It as a sort of 5-door coupe style with a high shoulder-line. We love high shoulder lines. What is lacking for this thing to be built? Only the robustness of the Li-ion batteries and a reduction of their price. Hopefully, these issues should be solved in the beginning of the next decade. Until then the countdown continues, we are on the road to EV future.

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