Monday, January 15, 2007

The Chevrolet Volt: our Concept Car of the Year 2007

This week Auto-Future is exclusively dedicated to the Chevrolet Volt: our Concept Car of the Year 2007. No need to wait for other concepts for the rest of the year: we made our choice!

Concept and design

How would the reader imagine a new concept car showing a green technology? Perhaps something like a Prius but more exotic. Probably a car with refined aerodynamics (and thus, a compromised design), skinny tyres; a cute look… Now look again to the Chevrolet Volt… what a macho car! The high shoulder line, the strong face, the character lines and the definitive sports car features: the short front overhangs, big tyres and powerful stance. This is the main statement of GM with the Volt: this car is a no compromises green vehicle. The series hybrid technology will allow drivers in the future to greatly reduce their environmental impact while keeping the comfort, features, safety and driving pleasure of today’s cars. Moreover, series hybrids are a key technology to keep the liberty of choice: you will not have to drive something like a Prius, you can have something similar to the E-flex platform on a car like the Chrysler 300C or a SUV seating up to 7 persons.

But still, if the Volt is for real, it will change habits: it will force companies to put charging stations in parking lots, and in the 3-5 years that it will take for something similar to arrive in the market the photovoltaic industry will have evolved to a higher level. We will discuss that in Auto-Future in a couple of months…

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