Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2007 Hyundai Arnejs/FD

Let’s start this entry with the related cousin, or actually, brother of the Hyundai: the Kia Cee’d. The Kia has been tested by European magazines and is getting some good reviews. It rides and feels like an European car: ride quality (multilink suspension), interior quality, space, mechanical credentials (7 year warranty) and a small diesel, everything one might expect from a native European car. We wonder how it will do in the market because with all those qualities it still has a rather generic and bland design… and we Europeans are a difficult crowd to please.

This gets us to the Arnejs. Not sure if Hyundai will use such a stupid name but they kept Cee’d for the Kia so it seems they want to build a tradition of stupid names. The Hyundai is expected to have all the features of the Kia plus the extra pluses that might make it more appealing. A bit more style in the design, a bit more attention to detail in the interiors, improved sound proofing materials and overall refinement. The extra layer that can justify a higher price than the Kia and that might just be the ticket for success in Europe. The design is the biggest question here but we will only have to wait a few weeks to meet the production car.

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