Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Peugeot 308

“Wow what’s this, is Auto-Future trying to fool us with a picture of the 207?” Well, it certainly looks like that although the reader is really seeing one of the latest computer generated images of the highly expected Peugeot 308. The image is based on some 207 picture but it is also, according to inside information, the most similar to the real thing. Hummm… does Peugeot really hires designers or they only have a couple of blokes redesigning the same car over and over and just changing the size?

Anyway, the truth is that the 308 will look like the 207 only a bit fatter. And, again according to people that have seen it, it will really look like a current Peugeot 307 with 5 people and some luggage… this meaning that it will be a modernized version of the current car with the height reduced for a bit more sporty feel.

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