Monday, February 12, 2007

Future vehicle platforms

CSM worldwide has used a crystal ball to predict the top 10 vehicle platforms in 2012. We think this is a bold move considering how far we are from 2012 but hey, it’s the future and that word is in the title of this joint.

Today the VW group is well established as the king of platform sharing. The PQ35 (that’s the current Golf underpinnings) is a fine example of optimization of resources and cost cutting. Just marvel at how a humble Seat Leon is transformed in a posh compact like the Audi A3 while sharing everything except exterior panels and some tactile-pleasing plastics. Accountants at VW-group love it, people-that-can’t-quite-afford-a-1-series-or-a-Merc-sportcoupe love it, and we love it too: those nice metal-polished door handles and chromed air vents… brilliant engineering!

But, for the 2012 prediction CSM says the Toyota Camry platform will be established as a real world car, spreading through more than 20 vehicles including bi-fuel, gasoline, diesel, hybrids and possible hybrid plug-ins (according to CSM the next Prius will also be based on the Camry platform). Also note as in 2012 the Ford C1 platform designation changes from “Euro Focus” to “Global Focus”. That means more Euro-Fords for America.

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