Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mercedes GLK

We, EU folks, are known for being generally environmental conscious. That is, we embraced diesels long ago, we don’t drive big cars, we like fuel efficiency and even our politics seem to care (just check the latest proposals for emissions reduction in Europe). So why oh why so many new SUVs from European manufacturers? Well, one thing is that some of these small SUVs are meant for the NA market where crossovers and smaller SUVs are gaining momentum. But we also like our not-very-off-road-capable-but-very-nice-looking-tall-machines… only we do it smaller and more eco-friendly. So we have the BMW X3 (and possibly a future X1), the next Focus SUV, a future small Renault SUV, the VW Tiguan and also the Mercedes GLK.

A new impression of the small Mercedes SUV has surfaced. It shows a really boxy design that I think fits well with this type of car. It looks a bit like a smaller GL. I always imagined that the perfect design for the Land-Rover LR2 would be just a scaled down version of the big Range Rover. It didn’t quite turned out like that although it still is a good design. The GLK has that scaled down feel of a much more expensive car. Not that the GLK will be cheap…

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