Thursday, February 15, 2007

The road to EV future: Toyota Hybrid X

In the next month at Geneve car show Toyota will present a hybrid concept that "proposes a new design language for hybrid models and will act as a technology showcase for future hybrid cars". Well if Toyota says so it will be an interesting concept to follow, can we expect a preview of the next Prius design, the display of plug-in technology or even a series hybrid concept?

Other than that we can also take other things for sure. Namely that every next motor show will present new concepts of hybrids and electric cars. Volvo will present a series hybrid C30 concept also in Geneve and we can expect for other manufacturers to follow. Particularly interesting will be the Tokyo show at the end of the year where I'm sure several interesting novelties will be shown and maybe even real production cars either fully electric or predominantly electric hybrids.

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