Monday, July 16, 2007

2008 Ford Falcon

Meet Australia’s greatest invention: the mainstream RWD saloon. And why is it so great? Well, we have quite a few great RWD saloons in Europe and USA but these are usually from luxury brands and come with the luxury price tag. But the folks down-under are clever, they make bread-and-butter RWD saloons that everyone can afford. And with V8 engines available for even more fun. We followed the Holden Commodore with great interest dreaming that it would be available in Europe as some future Opel. Not quite, but people in the UK can buy it as a Vauxhall. And folks in the US will have available the Pontiac G8 based on the Australian GM machine.

Ford of Australia is also updating its Falcon and hopefully its platform will cross oceans and be eventually found in other Ford models of the US and Europe (well, sadly maybe not in Europe). The image below is obviously taking inspiration from the Commodore but there are some disturbing signs that affect its credibility. We have seen recent spy-shots of the Falcon and in all the images the front overhang was very big. This is not apparent in the preview below and is not a good sign for a future sp
orty RWD saloon.

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