Monday, July 02, 2007

Ford Focus restyling

Mainstream car brands are very predictable. For example, every now and then Renault, Ford, Opel, Volkswagen etc. change their front design, or if you want to talk fancy, their design language. And then these new design elements progress to the rest of the range. Check Ford for example. The S-Max presented the kinetic design and quickly Ford restyled the front of the C-Max to incorporate a S-Max face. Now that the Mondeo was presented we can also expect a restyling of the Focus incorporating design elements from the Mondeo. And so it will be. And in a year or two it starts again. Check VW: the Tiguan was just now presented and it shows the chrome face of recent VW models. But that front design will change with the next Golf VI to be presented next year. And then give it one more year and the Tiguan (and Passat) will be restyled with the new corporate face. Predictable, right? Generating marketing opportunities and sales in the short term, probably. Profitable in the long term?...not sure.

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