Tuesday, July 03, 2007


The picture shows an early mule of the next generation BMW X3. Fashionably dressed as an enlarged 3-series station, it has raised rumours as whether BMW would build a Audi Allroad-type vehicle based on the 3-series Touring. Well, it will not. Such thing will not exist. But we can envisage a nice evolution of the fantastic X3 small-SUV and also a new model, a sort of coupe-ish version with lower roofline and even more car-like features. That will be the X4 (tentative designation).

The BMW X4 will be the equivalent of the X6 in the smaller-SUV-land of BMW. And since we mention the X6, follow us on this: it will blow your mind. No really, that thing looks so good that is unbelievable. It will make hardcore environmentalists want to buy a SUV… errr, maybe not, but I’m a conscious person, interested in an environment-friendly future of auto (just check the “road to EV future” on this joint) and I totally want the X6. Funny how in a couple of years BMW will have a fantastic array of SUVs: X3-X4-X5-X6 (and it seems a X1 is also on plan), who would have thought some years ago! There is a good reason for BMW making all those SUVs: profit. Just check the current X3, it’s still based on the old E46 touring underpinnings with most of the development and tooling costs paid long ago, and BMW sells it for more money than the current 3-series. That car is a cash-cow!

Technically the next X3 will benefit from the E90 base and the most advanced iteration of the X-Drive system featuring torque vectoring. WTF is torque vectoring? Nice phrase for a T-shirt but we will need a blog entry just for that. Later, in a special on future active-safety systems. The next X3 (and also the current model in a few months) will also feature the “efficient dynamics” set of technical bits that are making BMW leader in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in some classes of vehicles. The next X3 will also benefit from increased efforts in weight reduction and thanks to that and the “efficient dynamics” tech it will probably have CO2 emissions very close to some non-SUV competitors.


Foxfire said...


Just wondering, do have you seen the new X6 without camouflage? You seem very certain that it'll be a looker. The only thing that concerns me about X6, or (more specifically for my needs) the X4 is the added weight and center of gravity. If they can manage to get around 90-95% of driving dynamics of the 5 and 3 series, respecitvely, I'm sold.

Foxfire said...

How sure are you about the exceptional styling of the X6? So far the mules have been heavily camouflaged.

David said...

Yes I'm certain and of course did not see it ;)
The center of gravity is a bigger issue in SUVs because the whole car sits higher (in people carriers the floor is usually at about the same height). I expect more like 80% of driving dynamics. But you can try a X5 and compare with a 5-series, the X6 should be in-between.