Friday, July 06, 2007

Small Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo and Audi want a piece of the Mini's market share. So they are getting ready small "premium" cars to fight the Mini. The Alfa Romeo pictured below is rumoured to use bits from the Fiat Grande Punto, while the Audi A1 will make use of whatever platform from small Seats and VWs that is in use. However, these two brands have a problem: how to match the iconic status of the Mini, the vintage design and credibility gained from a classic car design? Alfa Romeo could design the car like some classic Alfas from the 70's but these were RWD and the new small Alfa not. But it seems Alfa Romeo and Audi found a vintage factor: they will not be using a multilink suspension as the Mini but instead a cheaper whatever-type as in the cheap cars from their sisters cheap brands. Ah, vintage, right? Multilink is modern so whatever-cheap must be vintage, right? Errr... not?

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