Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Official Audi A4 picture

The title of this entry is just slightly inaccurate, ok, maybe a bit more than just slightly,… oh well, it’s misleading and wrong! Or maybe not. Autobild presented a CGI of the next Audi A4. Considering that the car is to be presented at Frankfurt show in September and that this is a Huckfeldt job, we can safely consider the image below (the yellow car) as good as official. We are just guessing here but this could well be a photoshop based on a real photo of the car if Huckfeldt sources are as good as we think. The other image below shows a CGI from more than one year ago and we can see how accurate it already was back then.

It’s also nice to notice that the A4 will be more pleasing to the masses than the Audi A5 that still is a bit strange in the front design. Unfortunately the Audi A4 will probably display the same technical limitations of the A5/S5 that have been so criticised by the press (we remember EVO using some very harsh words: "something of an understeer fest, no matter whether ESP is switched on or off "). Or maybe in the more comfort-oriented saloon the new steering and front suspension feel better.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's an impressive CGI. But, it's the same picture with only a different car color. Look at the nature at the back, it's the same.