Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2008 Ford Fiesta

A new CGI of the Fiesta... that might get a new name. This looks like a Mazda 2-based job although in reality the new Fiesta might be a bit more unrelated to the small Mazda than one might have thinked of. Because the new Mazda is slightly smaller than the previous version, while we believe that, in typical recent Ford of Europe policy, the new Fiesta will be a very big car for its segment average. Also notice the Mondeo front, we don't like it because it reminds us how the Mondeo is different from the Iosis concept: it was so promising and it turned out so generic!


el_monty said...

I agree that the Mondeo is somewhat disappointing when compared to the Iosis, but I think it still looks better than most of the competition (New Laguna, 407, C5, Vectra...). What I'm eager to see is what the new Mazda 6 will look like. The current one is in my opinion one of the most beautiful cars on the road, so the designers face quite a challenge.

Taz said...

I agree. The new Laguna looks bland, the 407 with its gaping mouth is anything but graceful unlike its beautiful predecessor the 406, the Passat looks aged already. In this segment the Mondeo holds its own pretty well and looks far, far better than the above.