Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another 4-door coupé: Audi A7

In an analysis article Auto-Bild presents a photoshop of the Audi A7: a 4-door coupé competitor to the Mercedes CLS. It does not look as elegant as the Merc but it follows Audi's design language that basically states "Look at me, I'm German too". Interestingly it has hidden rear door handles which, if confirmed, can be seen as a typical signature of chief designer Walter da Silva. Also interestingly, another prediction, by Auto Motor und Sport presents the A7 with conventional door handles and a less massive design. Which one is right? I place all my bets on Huckfeldt's design from Autobild. Another interesting note in the photoshop by Huckfeldt: seems Audi is about to change the front design of their cars... again!

1 comment:

John A. Starnes, Jr Tampa Florida said...

Oh I hope it looks like that top one with those way-cool headlights!