Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ford Mondeo 2007

Iosis concept: the one that started all the buzz
In last year's Frankfurt show Ford presented the Iosis concept. A fabulous looking car that got everyone excited, and with good reasons. It is clearly a 4-door coupé and was immediatly credited as being a close design to the next Mondeo. Ford already had a close history of presenting concept-cars very similar to production versions, namely the S-max concept presented previously. Some Ford marketing people were keen on feeding such possibility so quickly the rumour spread: the next Mondeo would look just like the Iosis minus some obvious stuff like the gullwing-type doors. Unfortunately that was not correct, in the next days auto-future will look at the story behind this Iosis concept and the (different) Mondeo that we will find in showrooms next years. Below is a photo of the Iosis and so sad one feels while looking at it and picturing how the Mondeo could be!


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