Thursday, April 20, 2006

NY Auto-Show: the flop

Auto-Future looks back at the highlights of this year’s New-York auto show. Pictured below is my choice for worst of the show: the new Hyundai Elantra. How strange is it that Auto-Future chooses a Hyundai for best of the show at Genéve (the Hyundai Genus concept) and now the Elantra for the rotten-apple… In reality there is nothing wrong with the Elantra, this is just a personal choice. The new Elantra will continue the right strategy that Hyundai is following in the United States: good, reliable vehicles with excellent value for money. Just check the success of the Sonata. The good choice for the average-Joe. The same strategy that Toyota and Honda have for America and a successful one. Eventually we Europeans will also be able to buy this new Elantra. Unfortunately this is not up to our tastes… just like the majority of the Hyundai range. This side of the Atlantic we anxiously wait for the restyled coupe and please Hyundai… give us this car instead of the Sonatas and Elantras!
Tomorrow Auto-Future will look at the best of the show, but you may try to guess it since the choice is very predictable…

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