Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Star of the show: Hyundai Genus

On a more serious note I will briefly explain why the Hyundai Genus is my favourite car of the show. Although a number of exciting concept cars were present in Genéve I prefer to focus on concepts that could actually make it to production. So forget about that Saab Aero X thing: amazing, exciting but it is not going to happen. The show itself did not have many novelties. Some brands, like BMW or Audi preferred to present new cars after the show (the next 3 series coupé and the new Audi TT). And for a good reason, since cars presented in Genéve will have to share front pages of magazines with all sort of other new cars and concepts. BMW and Audi know their marketing stuff so expect in the next weeks to see their new cars star in the major publications.
So why the Hyundai then? This new Genus is, in my opinion, highly relevant since it could mark a departure from econo-cars to desirable-cars for the Korean car companies, particularly Hyundai. This means that, if Hyundai manages to actually bring this to production we could look at a Hyundai as a car that consumers would WANT to have as opposed to the economic choice of today. This results from the accomplished design of the concept that also fills in a very fashionable trend: crossovers. Excellent proportions, emotional design, exquisite detailing - this features set the Genus apart from the vast majority of car that we have seen from the company. And Hyundai needs a good incentive to make this car. If they can make it, it will be a success.

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John A. Starnes, Jr Tampa Florida said...

I so agree.....Hyundai should get that beauty in showrooms SOON!