Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Golf VI week: Golf V legacy

First things first: why is the current Golf being replaced so soon? Although some might mention a weak sales success, I do not agree. I believe that the Golf V did just fine, particularly considering the strong competition it had to face. However, the answer to the first questions lies in the very strong competition that the next version will have to deal. VW as enjoyed good sales but in certain markets the Golf V lost positions. It had to be sold with strong incentives, discounts and special editions in France just to stay marginally outside the top 10. Something that the Golf IV did not need. And in Nordic countries and also southern Europe countries it lost top positions to the Peugeot 307 and Renault Mégane. In Greece the number one sales car was the Toyota Corolla. VW must be worried about this. In 2008 Peugeot will launch the new 308 and a new Mégane is also expected. Considering that design is probably the biggest drawback of the current Golf, these new French models can severely hurt the Golf in many European markets. VW needed to react... in a proactive way: so the next Golf is anticipated with mainly design changes.
So is this the answer for the short life of the Golf V? Well, actually, I will tell you next why it actually means a very long life for this model... Keep coming back!

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