Monday, March 06, 2006

Volvo vs SAAB

These are two Nordic manufacturers that are direct competitors. Currently their health is very different. Volvo is doing very well, enjoying good sales, with a very good range of excellent vehicles, great diesels, innovative and interesting solutions (the transversally mounted V8 engine for example) and a move towards more emotional design and younger customers that will gain even more momentum with the new C30.
On the other end, Saab is aching. The 9-3 is not selling well, the 9-5 is a desesperate restyling of an old model that should have been completely redone, their new SUV is a pathetic joke.
Why oh why? Why does this happen? Are designers and engineers at Volvo much better than their colleagues at Saab? Or is it that their mother companies have different approaches and motivations? Is Ford that much better than GM in developing its brands? You tell me!

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