Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Golf VI week: Golf V will actually live longer...

The shocking truth: the next Golf VI will be largely based on the current Golf V versions. This means that major suspension parts and undepinnings are carried over. Only new bodywork and interiors mark the transition, although naturally some componentes and engines can be modified. The main change regarding engines is the end of the "Pump-Deuse" system in diesel engines in favour of the more sophisticated and environment friendly Common-Rail system. "Pump-Deuse" won't be missed! Many of the minor changes to the platform are intended to reduce manufacturing costs.
So after all the buzz... the Golf VI will be a major restyling of the current model. This can mark a new trend for car companies, only possible because platform and suspension technologies of modern compact cars are already very advanced. In the next years suspension technology is not expected to go beyond current multilink systems. And current body technologies that use laser welding and tailor welded blanks are not expected to improve much more, except for the possibility of weight reduction. A wellcome improvement for future cars. Thus it makes sense to keep a lot from the current model while improving wher most needed: design and interior quality. Tomorrow we will look at the design changes expected for the new model.
3 door Golf VI photoshop, copyright Auto Motor und Sport: looking very A3-ish

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