Friday, March 31, 2006

4-door saloon future: Mercedes C-class

Design, the ups and downs and why you should wait for it
So finally, how will it look like? More masculine and aggressive than the current version. But with more emotional design with clear influences in the profile from the CLS. The rear section clearly inspired in the S-class for the light-cluster will, however, not be sufficiently aggressive and sporty. It is clearly the less inspired part of the new car. Also more aggressive inside with a more robust image. Uber quality materials and build as today but made to also look good and robust in the pictures. That means Audi influence in this particular.
For the ups and downs. Ups: more sporty design, more space, more sportier and confortable drive, more perceived quality. Downs: as usual, price. Should you wait for it? Yes! It will be the best car in its class for many years. It will have technical novelties that other cars will only have many years later. It will hold its value in resale like no other car. The quality of its RWD longitudinal-engine architecture is unsurpassed, it will handle like only a few cars can. Competition? The BMW 3-series and the Lexus IS. Possibly the next Infinity if Renault brings it to Europe. Maybe the next A4 if Audi manages to increase the wheelbase and improve the weight distribution. But only Quattro versions, the FWD Audis have no place in the prestige club.
Finally, I would like to make a prediction of the future regarding the new C-class. Although with more and better competition, it will be a more successful car than the current W203.
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