Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Golf VI week: design changes and doubts over existing information

Some of the news coming from such sources as Auto Bild and Auto Motor und Sport are rather disturbing. It is rumoured that G6 (got bored of writing Golf so many times) will be available initially as a sportier 3 door version (see pic in previous post) and 5 door with increased height similar to Golf Plus. In my opinion this information is not reliable since this would not be a smart move. It is preferable to keep the 3 and 5 door versions of about the same size. For many people the G5 is already too tall. It makes no sense to make it even taller! Also the 3 door does not need to be sportier. The new Corrado will be an alternative for that purpose.

Another disturbing issue is in the pics from Autobild previewed below. The front of the car is strange (and ugly) and completely detached from the new VW corporate face (seen in Jetta, Eos, Passat). Also the side image shows something wrong: the type of doors shown is perceived as of lower quality than that present in the G5. G5's doors are of the recessed-integrated frame type. G4 doors were of the roof-integrated type. The image shows a G6 photoshop with exposed frame-type doors. The hidden type (recessed) is usually perceived as better (and used is almost all of higher quality cars). The exposed type (found in Opel Astra and most of cheaper Peugeots) would mean a strange lower-quality move for VW. However, the pics have a label: Huckfeldt. This is usually a reliable one for photoshops, the best in the business. But several doubts persist.

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