Thursday, March 16, 2006

Golf VI week: "but should I wait for the new G6?"

auto-future is about scoops, opinion, economics, strategy, etc. In any case, if someone likes the current Golf there is no problem with it... buy the car. However it is undeniable that the G5 will be remembered as "the one that failed". This hurts resale value and people don't like to buy a new car that is then replaced in a short time-period. So for the current range my choice would be a GTI version equipped with a DSG gearabox. I would skip the diesel versions because current technology will be replaced for more refined and reliable common-rail diesel technology. But the one that is worth waiting for is the Corrado (Golf coupé) version, and you don't have to wait untill 2008 for it. A gorgeous machine seen here in Huckfeldt's (very reliable) interpretation:

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