Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ford Mondeo 2007

Iosis concept: and the buzz went on and on
Some months after the Frankfurt show Autoexpress presented a cover stating they had driven the new Mondeo. Of course, the only thing they drive, and very slowly, was the concept Iosis from the show. By then a lot of people already knew the Mondeo was different from the Iosis, but not Autoexpress. They had to print another silly story and put it in the cover of the magazine. The only thing missing was the girl in page 3!
Mondeo 2007: But why doesn’t it look like the Iosis?
Was the Iosis too unpractical for a family saloon? In part yes, but that is not the only reason. Fact is that what seems logical today was not evident for Ford managers two years ago. In the current practice of the auto-industry there is a 2-2,5 year gap between a car design is chosen and the start of production. When the design is finished it is said to be “frozen” and only very minor things can be changed. Two years ago the concept of the 4-door coupe did not exist so it did not influence the design process of the next Mondeo. This really is the reason why the Mondeo will look different.
The confirmation that the next Mondeo will not look like the Iosis concept came from Martin Smith, chief designer at Ford’s European division, in an
interview to 4car site. However, one can expect it to adopt an emotional and modern design with several elements from the S-max. And actually its design was in part influenced by a very successful car from the Ford group: the Mazda 6. Two years ago the Mazda 6 was one of the best examples in this segment and its design had followers in European Ford…
When will we see the final design? The first prototypes are currently being tested “in the open” (see picture below) and we can expect that some parts of the camouflage will drop in the next months. We might see a concept very close to the final shape in the Paris show and the final car in the beginning of 2007. And be alert for the new James Bond movie. Daniel Craig will be driving a Mondeo in the new movie (and also Aston Martins of course) and it is 90% sure it will be the new car. Maybe it will be spotted in film sets.

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Personally I thought it couldn't get any worse when Bond appeared in a Z3, it would appear I was wrong.