Friday, April 28, 2006

Big hammer II: 2008 Cadillac CTS

Following the news of more powerful versions of the current CTS, recent pictures are presenting the next generation of the CTS. It is believed to be the car presented by Bob Lutz in a TV show preview. In this picture, Edmund’s Inside Line refers to the car as being a Merc CLS inspired design. Auto-future loves the CLS and its influence in modern car design. But in reality the similarities have to be found in the similar model designation and small glass/metal ratio of the profile - that is very small side-windows. It’s difficult to believe how the next CTS can have the elegance of the Merc-coupĂ©. It’s more related with some Audi designs. However, it will still look fabulous although the biggest improvement lies in the interior. From the current horrid design to a new more coherent and with much better perceived quality. Again, I would like to ask for one for the European market… but it needs to be smaller and have diesel engines. I know, the BLS is smaller and has diesel engines but I believe that in reality it’s just a sort of acronym for bullshit!

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