Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mondeo 2007 ... and Iosis concept for Jaguar?

Will the Iosis find new life in another Ford model?
In the last days auto-future has been analysing existing information on the next Ford Mondeo. We looked at an initial design proposal that was scraped. Then how the Iosis created a lot of hype concerning the next Mondeo and the frustrating fact that in the end it turned out to be just another concept car. Expect to find only minor details from it in the 2007 Mondeo.
Technically the new Mondeo will bring no big novelties. It is based on the underpinnings of the Focus II although with extended wheelbase and width. Same procedure as VW did with the new Passat. The modern multilink suspensions found in the Focus and Golf V are more than enough for use in bigger cars. The most interesting feature is that it can (and will) have AWD versions using the Haldex system. As a AWD system is not very good, the important aspect here is that the Mondeo can have more powerful engines delivering power to all four wheels. A very different proposition than the current FWD Opel Vectra OPC that is, basically, pathetic. Also in the works is an adaptive damping system that is already found in the new S-max. Nothing extraordinary but good news nevertheless.
The initial question of this post is yet to be answered. Could the Iosis concept find new life in another Ford model? Several options exist: Ford could make a 4-door coupe version of the Mondeo. Like VW is developing for the current Passat. It is a possibility although I think Ford should stop finding inspiration in VW cars. Also Ford could make a coupe version of the current Focus with some Iosis and Aston Martin cues in it. But one should not spoil the current bland and boring Focus range with such exciting model, right?… How about if…now look at the picture below… doesn’t it look a bit Jaguar-ish? That’s right, that is what Ford should do about the Iosis… give it new life as the replacement design for the X-type. Of course, with a different front design, but following the rest of the 4-door coupe concept of the Iosis. Lately, rumours have surfaced that the next X-type might be a break-type vehicle. If that means it will be a crossover as the Merc R-class the that is a good possibility with good perspectives (although I would prefer a 4-door coupe). However if it turns out to be like a Seat Toledo or Renault VelSatis then that would be a very stupid move.
Finally, let’s speculate a bit… why did Martin Smith (chief design at Ford-Europe) bother to present the Iosis concept? Knowing that it doesn’t directly link to the next Mondeo or any other car in Ford range… Maybe, just maybe he wanted to show his bosses that he could (and would like) to design Jaguars?

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John A. Starnes, Jr Tampa Florida said...

Ford should build the Iosis NOW as the new Ford 500!