Monday, April 24, 2006

Big hammer I: CTS Super-V

Worldcarfans presented a couple of pics of the Cadillac CTS Super-V. The article presents information about a rumoured 7-liter V8 producing in excess of 500hp. Better yet it could in the future get a supercharged V8 of about 600hp. I consider this information relevant because worldcarfans is a reliable source, and the rear tyres of the thing sure look to be ready for monstruous horsepower. This is one thing I like about Americans: the "drop a big hammer on it" politics... apllied to cars. Completely different from the ridiculous politics of America in Iraq.
Anyway, can I ask Cadillac to make a model like the CTS but in a size smaller for us Europeans? Please, don't even mention that BLS thing or I might get offensive!

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